About me:

My name is Anja and I'm 50 years old. For the past 17 years, dogs have been a huge part of my life. Both at my job, and at home in private as a breeder.

My kennel is called: Dreams of Hope and was founded in May 2019. Before that I had a kennel called Golden Mille, since I had been breeding Golden Retrievers for many years. Our old breeding dog Opal (called Mille) was put down on 18.12.2019, at the time she was almost 15 years old💔💔 

In 2016, my heart dropped to an Australian shepherd as my daughter has a border collie and runs a lot of agility. I was always driving her for training and rallies and one day I thought I should run agility myself. A border collie is extremely fast, an Australian is too, but not that fast for agility. Therefore, the choice fell on an Australian shepherd. I knew nothing about the breed so I took some time to read up on them. The choice fell on Hope, who comes from an amazing Kennel, called Leading Angel's. Bitta has fantastic skills as a breeder. I was lucky to be allowed to buy Hope and now we're inseparable ❤

Hope and I run a lot of agility and do really well. I also herd with Hope, she has a lot of skills.

 No puppies from Hope😥

New bitch on his way to take over in spring 2020.


When you buy a puppy from me, you are not allowed to decide which puppy to buy. I really like those puppies, family and activity must fit together.

You are welcome to come and visit me and pick which puppy you would like, but it may not be that puppy in the end. Of course you may choose if you would prefer a bitch or a male dog and I will respect that. REMEMBER, you must never ever choose a puppy based on color.

If you are interested in one of my puppies, please write me an email. I'd like to know:

  • Something about you and your family.
  • How much experience do you have with dogs
  • What will it be used for


An Aussie is an energetic breed that requires a lot of space, outdoor life and activity. On the other hand, it is also the world's best family dog if properly stimulated. They love lying on the couch and being cuddled.

My puppies have a DKK pedigree and they are checked by a veterinarian before they leave me. Here they are checked for any eye diseases, chipped, de-wormed, as well as given their first vaccination, everything is listed in their health book which will be given to the new owner. There will also be a puppy pack with some food, so they stay can on the same kind of puppy food. Leaving one's safe environment and starting a new family can be quite stressful, as such it is best not to change the food for the first few months.

In weeks 6-7, I will slowly begin to match the puppy and family so that you still have time to come and visit your new family member in a safe environment before it can be brought home. On the day of delivery we will go through all the papers, the outstanding money is paid and you may ask all the questions you have.

I will always be available to help with your new family member. No matter how many puppies you have bred, they will always fill my heart.



Thank you for showing interest in my website.

If you have any questions, I'll answer you as soon as I can🙂

Also, feel free to email me at anjabenfeldt@hotmail.com

Mvh Anja